Security Innovation

Tony Luzza, Director of International Channel Sales at Security Innovation, recently sat down with us to talk about his experience with the Channeltivity Partner Relationship Management solution.

View the video to watch a part of our conversation.

“I’ve used Channeltivity as a central part of our channel program in many organizations throughout my career, so when I came on board with Security Innovation, one of the first things I did was make sure we use Channeltivity as our partner portal for our partners.

When I first started at Security Innovation, it was a small partner program with a small amount of channels, and in the last three years we’ve grown at about 600%. And we really rely on a lot of the different functionality that Channeltivity provides for us.

Our partners have always given us great reviews and great comments regarding our partner portal, and how it helps them and assists them in selling our solution. When I was researching a lot of different companies, what I liked about Channeltivity was that is was really focused on channels. I think they really understand the dynamics of managing channels, and so they put that into their product and I think it makes managing channels a lot more efficient and easy.

It’s the ease of use, it’s the amount of functionality, and at the end of the day I think channel management is about building relationships and building mindshare with your partners. And if you can provide the tools they need to do their job efficiently, and to be successful, then that’s where you’ll see success.

Channeltivity shows a lot of professionalism in your partnerships and shows channel partners that you’re really committed and invested in your channel program. It shows that you as an organization has put together something that adds value to them, gives them a lot of important tools, and makes their job to sell your solution easier. It gives you a lot of credibility to what you’re trying to accomplish, and what you’re trying to establish in your partner program.

I always say that when I’ve implemented Channeltivity and used it as a centerpiece of our channel program, it has always contributed to our growth and to the positive responses we get from our channel partners.”