Don’t Play ‘Would You Rather’ with your PRM Solution

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Partner Relationship Management System, PRM (Partner Relationship Management), PRM Solution

It’s a popular game with the grade-school set: “Would you rather eat 25 lemons or a fish head?” In “Would You Rather,” you have to choose between two very unpleasant options. It’s a tedious game but is easily derailed with the answer, “Neither. I’d rather have a bowl of ice cream.”

Some Partner Relationship Management software companies will try to force you into a similar corner. Solutions with per-seat pricing unnecessarily force vendors to choose between two unappealing alternatives: lack of visibility or increased cost.

With per-seat pricing it’s expensive to have unique logins for each user, creating an incentive for the organization to put multiple users on one login. When partner reps are logging in as the same person, the only way to track individual performance is manually, which is extremely labor intensive, prone to errors and negates an important benefit gained by implementing a PRM solution in the first place.

Selecting a PRM with a per-seat pricing model enables you to identify which partners are stars

Selecting a PRM with a per-seat pricing model enables you to identify which reps are closing the deals.

Without full visibility into the channel, you don’t know which reps are high performers, so you don’t know which ones to funnel your high value leads to. You’re taking a chance with a valuable lead and you’ve also missed an opportunity to engage your best reps.

Instead, look for a company, like Channeltivity, that offers feature-based pricing. A flat monthly subscription rate that doesn’t care how many users are on the system allows you to benefit from the elements of the program you need without being locked into a pricing model that penalizes growth.

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