Distributor Management

Distributor Management

Give your distributors access to deals and more, enabling better collaboration and increased sales

The Distributor module streamlines the complexities of a two-tier selling model and unlocks distributor functionality across your partner portal.

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Fully-Integrated Distributor Access

If distributors or master agents play a role in your channel program, you will want them integrated into your partner portal as well. The Distributor module enables this and adds distributor-level access to your PRM, giving the ability to set distributor permissions for deal registrations, MDF requests, training & certification content, joint business plans and more.

Streamline your Deal Registration process and provide pipeline visibility

Enabling the Distributor module allows partners to specify a distributor when submitting a deal registration. This gives the selected distributor access to the deal, allowing partner, distributor and vendor to collaborate to better sell your products.

  • Distributors can submit deals on behalf of partners and monitor their progress throughout the sales cycle.
  • Partners can choose from a tailored list of distributors when registering deals.
  • Get insight into your entire channel sales pipeline by identifying top performers.

Distributors have secure, on-demand access to your most current sales tools and training materials